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Fat Boyz Garage started in 2003. Larry Heseman Jr. + Larry Sr. wanted to build a car together. Father and son team found a 66 Mustang that needed a total restoration. They did most of the work out of a two car garage in Sacramento, CA. Almost four years later it was complete.

They started going to car shows and eventually Larry Sr. purchased a 65 Cuda that would also need some TLC. He was able to enter his Cuda as a work in progress. They eventually started up a weekly car show at a local drive-up hamburger stand J+R's Drive-In on Thursday nights. They have recruted a few guys to start a car club called the Fat Boyz Garage and have become friends with the Challengers Car Club as well.

Larry Sr. & Jr were inducted into The Pharoahs in September 2009 after being invited by Bo Hopkins at Hot August Nights.

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